Michael Weiss accompanied us during the Netzwerkstatt, which is a cross-company exchange of executives for networking and self-organized work on leadership topics. The feedback from the participants was very good and Mr. Weiss addressed the personal issues of the individual people well while at the same time preserving internal company and confidential information. The self-organization in the teams was always promoted with a good alternation of input and independent development of management topics.

Helga F├╝sselberger, A1 Personnel Development

We have been working with Michael Weiss since 2012 as part of the "Netzwerkstatt", a more modular peer coaching for executives from four different companies. The cooperation was always extremely professional and at the same time very uncomplicated and pleasant. Most importantly, the feedback from our participating executives has always been excellent. Mr. Weiss not only knows how to moderate heterogeneous groups well and to guide them in a collegial exchange. His ability to incorporate technical inputs in the right places and to be able to provide even experienced managers with valuable methods, approaches and instruments was emphasized again and again.

Alexander Mingst, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Personnel Development

Michael Weiss accompanied our managers in a cross-company training course, the so-called ÔÇ×Netzwerkstatt". Managers from different companies come together regularly to address their personal leadership issues and work together on proposed solutions. Mr. Weiss moderated this very heterogeneous group from different industries well, and also incorporated appropriate leadership impulses on the topics introduced. In this way, the participants were given current inputs and options for action for their sometimes very challenging situations.

Stefan Teufl, Head of UniCredit Academy Austria

Michael Weiss has been a consultant for leadership & HR for the ARS Academy for more than 10 years. Together we are constantly developing new learning content and formats. Due to his expertise and his outstanding participant ratings, Mr. Weiss is one of our top speakers.

Alexandra Zotter, Head of Marketing & Communication